EduBase Lite

A low cost learning board for
Tiva Launchpad.

Great features and low price.
A good senior design project board also.



Combines many BoosterPacks into one board.

EduBase Lite trainer main features:

  • Two pushbuttons
  • 2-position DIP switch
  • Light sensor
  • Potentiometer
  • Temperature sensor
  • Speaker
  • All on-board peripherals can be disabled by on-board jumpers.
  • MicroSD memory interface for SPI experiment
  • I2C EEprom for I2C experiment
  • I2C interface for 0.96" Oled or 2x16 character LCD
  • DS3231 I2C RTC interface
  • ESP8266 interface
  • nRF24L01+ interface
  • LiPo charger
  • 4 servo or relay outputs with internal or external 5V supply
  • 2 analog sensor inputs
  • Solderless breadboard
  • Ground post for scope

Available soon.