A new 32-bit Arduino Shield Compatible platform.





Flexis MCU

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A modern 32-bit MCU for academia.  
Step-by-step debugger.

Fast.  More memory.  More I/Os.  More features. 
More accessories.
More programming languages.
Lower cost.



The new 32-bit Coldfire Flexis Microcontroller based Firebird32TM development board.

As a 68000 incarnation, Flexis's time has come. Finally.





























The Arduino UNO is a great platform to attract many hobbyists to learn about microcontrollers. Through its innovations, the Arduino team has made a great contribution to the physical computing revolution. 

The Microchip's ChipKIT Uno32 is a great Arduino compatible prototyping platformTime will tell if it ever replaces the Arduino UNO as the new standard Arduino platform. Regardless, the Arduino spirit will still stay with us for a long time.

Our Firebird32 board, a new low cost and high performance 32-bit development board with some unique designs, offers another solution for learning embedded programming.  Whether you are a young child in a Parent And Child Team (PACTTM), or a college freshman without any knowledge of embedded programming, starting with the StickOS BASIC programming language will make your learning process so much easier.  When you are serious about advancing to the next level of embedded programming with C or Assembly language, you will appreciate the potential of our low cost Firebird32 development system using the CodeWarrior or Code Sorcery toolchain in more advanced applications.

One of our goals is to spread the Arduino spirit into both low end (PACTTM) and high end (academia) educational markets. We strive to make our Firebird32 a multi-purpose Arduino Shield Compatible platform through innovations and join the Arduino revolution.

Long Live the Arduino Spirit!





Jim Donelson:  Software developer, CodeWarrior expert, author of FlexisframeworkTM
PGO:  CodeWarrior expert, author of USBDM
Richard Testardi:  CodeWarrior expert, author of StickOSTM
Nick Schultz:  CodeWarrior expert, author of CodeWarrior tutorials in C
Professors Guoqing Ke and Weimin Liu:  Logo designers

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USBDMTM is a Trademark and Copyrighted by PGO.
Stick/OSTM is a Trademark and Copyrighted by Rich Testardi.
Arduino UNOTM is a Trademark and Copyrighted by Arduino.
is a Trademark and Copyrighted by Microchip.